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Commercial Roofing

Roof Replacement and Repair

Your commercial roof protects your building and contents from weather, unwanted visitors and other natural elements. Maintaining the proper functionality of your commercial roof is crucial to sustain the value of your property and ensure your business doesn’t have unnecessary shutdowns or delays due to avoidable damage.

If your roof is aging, leaking, sagging, holding water or showing signs of deterioration then you may need a relay, reseal, repair or replace your commercial roof. Start this process by calling a professional to determine the extent of damage and wear of your roof.

Commercial Roofing

Roof Inspections

As your roof begins to wear and age you will want to get your roof inspected. Having a professional assess any damage, wear or imperfections in your roof on a yearly, bi-yearly or tri-yearly basis will ensure you have the proper information to properly maintain your roof’s functionality.

A professional inspection will include 4 facets: structural inspections, material inspections, interior inspections and workman inspections.

  • Structural Inspection will include an inspection of uneven planes, signs of sagging, damaged or wearing soffit, fascia and other masonry work.  
  • Material Inspection will include an inspection of loose, missing and lifting shingles, moss growth, rust, missing flashings or fasteners. 
  • Interior inspection will include the inspection of interior ceilings, attics space, walls for water spots, mold and rot. 
  • Workmanship inspections will include an inspection of workmanship for any faults or problems that could lead to avoidable damage.
Commercial Roofing

Roof Maintenance Plans

Maintaining the roof of your building is like changing the oil in your car. The maintenance keeps your roof functioning properly, prolongs the life of your roof, and mitigates costly repairs.

A proper maintenance schedule is often required by the roofing manufacturer and installer to keep your warranty in good standing and valid. The industry standard is to hire a professional to inspect your roof semi-annually in fall and spring and after any major storm/weather event.

We offer semi-annual maintenance plans for your commercial roof. This service includes:

  • Inspecting the overall condition of your roof
  • Inspecting sealants, materials, equipment, waterproofing, etc 
  • Removing any moss or algae build up
  • Cleaning valleys and drain systems of any debris
  • Identifying potential issues with your roof including defects, loose adhesive, blistering and bubbles and scheduling repairs
Commercial Roofing

GAF Certified

When deciding on which manufacturer and material you should use for your commercial roof; quality, cost, maintenance, and warranty, should be your top priority. PRORoof is a GAF Certified Installer meaning that when using GAF Products and hiring our company to install your roof, you receive the patented GAF Warranty.

The prestigious GAF Certification is held by less than 2% of roofing contractors and PRORoof is pleased to hold their certificate and offer their warranties on all their commercial roof systems. For more information regarding the GAF Certificate and Warranties please feel free to reach out to one of our professionals.